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Ideal for bakeries, restaurants, canteens and schools - commercial planetary food mixers are an essential for chefs preparing fresh dough. For a professional working kitchen, it's important to invest in a heavy duty commercial food mixer that chefs can rely on to last years of daily use.

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Professional Kitchens stock Buffalo planetary mixers that all come with a 24 month warranty so you can rest assured these appliances are a quality bit of kit.

Food mixers don't just make life easier for the chef, but also help improve the overall efficiency of the kitchen, helping to save time and quality of food produced. These mixing machines are suitable for making pizza or bread dough, cake or sponge mix, cookie dough, meringue mix or batter mix.

Depending on your requirements and budget available, there is a selection of dough mixers with varying capacity levels. If you can't see what you're looking for online, please don't hesitate to give our team of advisors a call on 0333 200 0712 - they are available to answer your queries.

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