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Counter Top Single Fryers

When selecting a new counter top fryer it is important you select the correct model based of your requirements. We have a large range of electric single tank counter top fryers to ensure you are buying the right model for the environment it is being used in. Generally speaking the main aspects to look at when making your selection are the following:

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Capacity :- This figure is generally measured in liters and relates to the quantity of oil the fryer takes, the more oil the fryer takes the more food it is capable of frying in one go.

Power :- Power is measured in KW and relates to the total power consumption of the fryer when bringing the oil to temperature. The higher the KW the faster the oil with get to temperature, this is important to consider for a couple of reasons the first being the time it takes to get the fryer to temperature when powering it up and also more importantly the speed in which it will get back to temperature when filling the tank with a bag of frozen food.

4 products found
4 products found